How To Use An Interdental Toothbrush

Many people do not floss, which is a shame, because flossing is the only way to make sure that your teeth stay healthy, as they clean the gaps between the teeth, which is where much of the bacteria and food detritus that causes tooth decay and periodontal disease resides. An interdental toothbrush is a good way of replacing dental floss, and it is reportedly much more comfortable and less likely to fray and get stuck between your teeth, a problem many people tend to have with dental floss.

Interdental Toothbrush

What is an interdental toothbrush?

An interdental toothbrush looks like a cross between the grip of a toothbrush and a bottle brush used at bars to clean glasses. It has tiny bristles sticking out in all directions that are able to get in the very tiny gaps, nooks and crannies of the teeth. The interdental toothbrush was originally developed for orthodontic patients, as flossing is nearly impossible with fixed traditional braces, and the interdental toothbrush can gently get between the wiring and the brackets and the tooth surfaces close to the brackets.

Interdental toothbrush AND regular toothbrush!

It is important to note that the use of an interdental toothbrush does NOT mean that you can get rid of your regular toothbrush. The two need to be used in conjunction: the regular toothbrush is great at cleaning the larger tooth surfaces, and it is great at applying a large amount of toothpaste liberally and spreading it out across the teeth. But where the regular toothbrush cannot go, the interdental toothbrush must be used. To make sure that all of the tooth surfaces are reached, you must also use mouthwash. It is also important to note that taking really good care of your teeth and being circumspect in your at home oral routine does not mean that you now do not need to go to check-ups. You need to go to a dentist every six months or so to make sure that nothing is wrong, and that they can deep clean the teeth and can remove the impacted food detritus from beneath the gum line.  

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