How To Pick the Perfect Orthodontist


Each and every orthodontist claims to be the best, and every orthodontic website claims the miraculous and nearly unattainable: pain free, non-invasive, super effective and comfortable orthodontic treatment, and all naturally provided by a caring, professional and understanding orthodontist.


If this were the case, there would be absolutely no difference between them, and they would be like robots, but they are not. They are people, and some of them are going to be more in line with what you want than others: some are going to be your kind of people, and some aren’t. The best thing to do is to find out which one is the right one, because if you get orthodontics, you will be seeing the dentist doing it every 2 weeks, and you will have to have be in regular contact with this individual, so it is very important that you all get along. Aside from this, they have to be an adequate professional as well, and here are some questions and some pointers to help you with choosing the perfect orthodontist.

Questions to ask from your orthodontist

A good medical professional is honest, and not afraid of questions. They should let you ask all of the questions you want, and should have answers for it. Maybe they will not be able to answer every single question, and in that case they should be able to own that and tell you that they do not know the answer. Here are a few questions every orthodontist should be able to answer:

How much will it cost/ how long will it take?

Questions of price and duration of treatment should NOT be secret, and although often the treatment can last longer or some hidden fees can apply, they should be straightforward about those too. If not a definite number, they should be able to give you a ballpark estimate at the very least.

How will my teeth look after treatment?

With the myriad kinds of digital modelling technology available nowadays, this should be absolutely no problem for an orthodontist.

Case studies

Ask to see previous work done by the doctor in charge. They should be able to show you case studies in which people get their teeth fixed by him or her, and should be able to see the progress made, and the smile that has been beautified.


Other useful tips

Make sure that the orthodontist you work with is registered with the governing body of orthodontists in the country where you are getting treatment (in the UK, for example, this would be the GDC). Also make sure that the orthodontist is insured and is a properly trained orthodontist, not a dental hygienist or some other unqualified person. Make sure that you have a consultation session before accepting treatment, as this is how you will be able to determine if you are compatible with this person, and if you can work with him or her.         

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