How to Ease the Pain of Orthodontic Treatment


Every time you go to an activation session with your orthodontist, they will tighten the braces you are wearing. This means that the braces will be tighter, pushing and pulling your teeth through the alveolus and the other soft bones under your gums, and this may cause a certain amount of pain during the orthodontic treatment. Usually, this pain eases into a slight discomfort in a few days, and is then completely gone as your teeth shift to accommodate the occlusal forces of the braces. But you do not need to be in pain during these few days either, as there are many things you can do to deal with the pain of an orthodontic treatment.

Anti-inflammatory medication

If you take anti-inflammatory medicine, your pain will dissipate considerably, as the nerves will be calmed. An orthodontic treatment requires a constant state of inflammation in order to move the teeth around freely. The state of inflammation can cause pressure on the dental nerve, and this can elicit a pain reaction during your orthodontic treatment.



Ibuprofen is the best thing to use if you are experiencing the kind of pain that comes with an orthodontic treatment. It clams the nerves and acts as a regular pain medication, but also is a slight anti-inflammatory, but will not make you more prone to bleeding and will not inhibit orthodontic treatment. Taking ibuprofen for a few days after an activation session may be just the thing, but don’t overdo it, or it will work less effectively next time.

Teething gels

The gels, tinctures and ointments that are sold to mothers when their children are teething are just as effective at helping orthodontic patients get over the pain of wearing braces. Anise extract, for example tastes great, numbs the gums of an hour or so, is completely organic and has no negative effects at all, and is widely available in health food stores and baby stores as well.

Chew something

The easiest way to stop the pain of orthodontic treatment is to start using your mouth. Chew some gum, or a stick of tea tree, or a toothpick. This will get the muscles moving, and will make it easier for them to adept to their new state, and will have a calming effect on them.        


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