How Much Are Retainers?

At the end of orthodontic treatment, a retainer is usually prescribed to ensure that the teeth remain in their new position. Teeth have a natural tendency to wander back to their original position. A retainer will help you keep your teeth in their new position. The question is, how much do retainers cost?

What Is A Retainer?

A retainer is basically an archwire set into orthodontic, non allergenic plastic. It is a small device meant to be inserted either into the bottom of the mouth, behind the teeth, or to the roof of the mouth. The device will have small hooks or a wire that go over your teeth, which helps keep them in their new position. Some retainers need to be worn for life, while some need only be worn for a set period of time. Some retainers need to be worn all day long, while some can be worn just at night. They come in removable and nonremovable versions.


Retainers, like all orthodontic appliances, come tailor made for your mouth, and only the one that has been made for you can be worn, you cannot borrow a friends or spouses retainer to help you out. If you lose or damage your retainer, a new one needs to be made for you.


The price you will need to pay to get your retainer done varies from patient to patient, as well as from clinic to clinic. Usually the retainer cannot be paid for in installments, but needs to be paid right away, as the device is made only once, and does not need to be adjusted, so once it is in, that is all. The bottom price for retainers is somewhere around 300 GBP, but a retainer can end up costing much more than that. No matter the price, patients must know that this device is indispensable, and if you are thinking about getting orthodontic treatment, you need to figure this price in or forego the treatment altogether. After all, why spend all the money and time to get braces only to let your teeth wander back to their original positions?

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