How Can I Minimize My Treatment Time?

Let’s face it; no one enjoys their time in braces. Some people might not mind the look or the way it feels, but given the option, people would rather walk about without a metal structure adhered to their teeth. That’s why so many people always ask what they can do to quicken their treatment time, and be done with the whole ordeal as quickly as possible. The main question though is of course what sort of braces you have, because what you can do depends largely on what hardware you have.

Fixed Orthodontic Braces

With fixed braces, your treatment time is pretty much, err, fixed. There is not much you can do to speed things up, as the appliance is adhered to your teeth, and is doing its thing, and that is pretty much it. There are several things that you can do to slow down the process however, and avoiding these is the main thing that can help you to a speedy orthodontic treatment. That means keeping your activation appointments and not letting them drag on, and going to them every six weeks without fail. This also means cleaning your braces regularly, and this also entails keeping away from foods that may damage your teeth or braces, as repairs will set you back anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.


Removable Braces And Aligners

The main thing you can do to shorten the length of time you need to use removable appliances for is to wear them as much as possible. The more time they spend in your mouth, the shorter your treatment time will be. Remove them only if you are eating, when you brush, and when you absolutely need to. But be aware, they need to spend at least 22 hours a day in your mouth, or your treatment time will be a lot longer.


Some retainers need to be worn constantly, while others can be taken out. Retainers serve the function of not letting your teeth go back to their original, pathological position after they have been aligned. Sometimes you will need to wear it for the rest of your life, but usually only for a fe months after treatment has been completed. Leave them in for as long and as frequently as you can, and then you will need to wear them for less days.  


A device and technique that can help you have shorter treatment times is AcceleDent, and it is gaining ground, especially in the realm of adult orthodontry, where time may mean money, literally. Look into this product, and if it is good for you, as it does not cure all dental ills, just certain ones.  

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