Healthy Foods You May Need To Avoid

Many people now that they need to give up certain foods when they start their orthodontic treatment. Caramel, toffee, and taffy need to be foregone, as they are sticky and can become very hard to clean out of orthodontic equipment. Beef jerky and dried fruits and dates have similar problems. Aside from this, we may need to forego sweets and unhealthy foods as the risk of developing caries is much greater for patients in orthodontic braces. Ice and very cold foods are also a no go, as they may cause wires to crack and brackets to fall off.

Expensive Veggies


But did you know that aside from foods that may not be such a problem to not eat you may have to renounce eating raw veggies as well? Chomping on, say, a carrot raw may end up damaging your orthodontry as well, which can cause expensive, unwanted visits to the dentist for repairs. The same thing can happen when you eat an apple, or a harder pear or a stalk of celery, even. The problem is that these vegetables and fruits may contain nutrients that are extremely healthy, and depending on your lifestyle, may be necessary for the health of your teeth and oral cavity in general. This does not mean that you have to stop eating raw foods, it merely means that you may need to cut that carrot into smaller pieces. It may mean you need to grater that apple, or cut up that celery. Find ways to eat raw veggies that will not contact your braces and this way you can be sure that you are keeping safe.

Other Nutritious Delights

Dried fruits simply need to be foregone, as does jerky of any sort. These foods can be extremely healthy, and dates are the only plant source of vitamin B, but if you are wearing braces and are a vegan, or are relying on dates to fulfill your vitamin B fix, tough luck. You should not eat them as they will get stuck in your brackets, and can rot your teeth. Take a vitamin B supplement, or drink date extract. All other foods should be okay, but make sure your food is properly cooked and stay away from sticky or hard foods and candies until you are done with your orthodontic treatment.  

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