Great Ideas For Color Braces

A great option for fun loving orthodontic patients is to get colorful braces to reflect their light hearted nature! In this article I wish to give some ideas as to what sort of color schemes to use, and in general give an overview of what can and cannot, what should and what should not be used, and in general open the dear readers eye as to what sort of possibilities exist in the realm of colorful braces.

Colored Braces

You may ask yourself where anideas, d how the braces get their color. Let me reassure you that usually the braces themselves remain the same sort of titanium and surgical steel alloy that any other brace would have. It is possible to have a special brace done in a single color, and have certain agents stain the titanium, or have a thin layer of color on the titanium. But usually, that is not how it is done.

In the overwhelming majority of cases, small rubber or plastic caps are used to add color. They are put over the brackets and give color to the otherwise dull shine of the steel. The other thing that can be colored is the archwire, because it is easier to color. The elastics used in orthodontry also come in multiple colors, and are similar to rubber bands.


Good Ideas

Using color schemes is generally a good idea. For instance, getting bright green brackets and elastics for St Patricks day, or getting green and red for Christmas, something that fits in well with the event that you are going to or are partaking in.

Getting your favorite color is of course a good idea too, especially if you own a lot of clothes that match the color of your braces. Otherwise, it may offset your wardrobe, which can be a good or bad thing, depending. Offsetting color schemes can easily backfire, so if getting a solid color, try to get one that goes well with many different colors, and one that can easily and tastefully offset your clothes or even your skin color.

Getting schemed colored braces is also a good idea if you are a sports fan, or particularly patriotic. You can get your national flag, or the colors of your sports team done on your braces. You can also get the colors of your school, or any sort of organization you may belong to.

Bad Ideas

Getting black and in general dark colored brackets tend to  make your teeth look like they are rotting, so best avoided unless that is the look you are going for. Conversely very light colored brackets will stain and look unattractive very soon. Yellow is generally a color to be wary of, as well as the more septic shades of green and of course gray is a terrible idea as well, although certain shades of brown can be rather fetching, but on a whole, stay clear of brown as well. Try to pick colors that match your skin tone, your wardrobe, or forget all about it and go for a theme! You can even get neon colored brackets, and glow in the dark ones as well. The possibilities truly are endless.

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