Getting Braces While Expecting

A very frequently asked question that you see popping up on all sorts of message boards and websites dealing with orthodontics is the question of getting braces while expecting. So many things change in a woman’s life during pregnancy, it is of no surprise that there would be questions about an on going medical treatment as well.

What To Expect

There are no straight answers to whether or not you can have braces when you are pregnant. All aspects of your body now change and are different, and your oral cavity is also going to be different, too. How different and different in what ways is dependent on you, your oral hygiene, and how your body reacts to being pregnant. In order to find out if orthodontic treatment is right for you, you need to contact your obstetrician or gynecologist, and your dentist as well.


Tricky Braces

You see, braces are a little bit tricky. They work through keeping the gums in a constant state of inflammation, and thus softening up the alveolar tissues and allowing the teeth to be able to move. The pressure is applied on one side, and like a wave, the alveolus will receded on the die of the pressure and increase on the other side, thus pulling or pushing teeth into a non-pathological, function friendly position. If your gums are bleeding because of pregnancy, or you are having dry mouth, or just a general periodontal disease, it may not be the best idea to wear braces during your pregnancy. Problems can arise if there are already complications present, thus having braces may tax the immune system unduly, in which case waiting a few months before starting orthodontic treatment might be a wise idea. In most cases though, it is absolutely safe and fine to wear braces, and there should be no problems at all. The braces do tax the immune system, but only very slightly, and as such, there should be no complications involved in wearing braces.

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