Funny Orthodontic Elastics

There are many ways to spice up your smile if you are wearing orthodontics this holiday season. We have already spoken on the topic of colorful braces, but besides getting green and red, or perhaps candy cane colored brackets, there are also funny, decorative orthodontic elastics to choose from as well.


First off I would like to say a few words about dental elastics. They are used to for ligation, and frequently affect the back teeth. They are used to exert force in a different direction from the rest of the braces. They can also be used to tie up the archwire so it can exert force properly. Although elastics are becoming less frequent now that self ligating braces exist, the exorbitant price often keeps them on the top shelf, so we will be using and seeing orthodontic elastics for quite some time.



Just like brackets, dental elastics also come in many different colors. Get some that match your brackets, for instance, since Christmas is coming next week, try red and green brackets with some red and green elastics. Or possibly some candy cane colored ones.

The other thing that is available is elastics that are designed. There are Hello Kitty shaped ones, as well as Christmas trees, and types that bear all sorts of holiday greetings. Getting text is tricky though, as people are going to want to stare inside your mouth all the time in an effort to read the words, and I am not sure that is something that you will want to happen.

Some of the kinds available are quite stunningly intricate and pretty indeed, but there is such a thing as overdoing it - you can have too much to look at in your mouth. So make sure to keep it simple, it is not a shirt or a painting, it is just some brackets, and some elastics to go with them. You can order them from several places online (just google “orthodontic elastics”, and you will get a ton of places to choose from), or ask your orthodontist.

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