Foods To Eat In Braces

We all should know by now that gooey, sugary, very hard and very firm foods are a nono when you are in braces. Hard uncooked veggies can break teeth and dislodge brackets, gooey stuff like toffee can pull brackets off and stick to everything, and a host of other foods are problematic at best. But there are certain foods that are good for your teeth and can be eaten while in braces. Here are a few surprising ones.


Hops, one of the ingredients in beer and ale, are good for your health - they fight cavity-causing bacteria in the mouth. Beer tends to have carbohydrates and is beloved by bacteria, but a bitter ale, particularly an IPA with its high hopp content, will do wonders for your oral pH levels, something that is important for orthodontic patients.


Chinese desserts

Desserts are usually out of the question, as they are gooey or creamy and get stuck everywhere, but chinese desserts, like wang zai xiao man tou melt in the mouth. These snacks, also called ball cookies, can be enjoyed by anyone because they dissolve completely when coming into contact with saliva. It is vital that you rinse your mouth after eating though, to get rid of the excess bacteria that will start to proliferate after this tantalizing treat.

Soft fruits

Bananas, strawberries, blueberries and papaya all have vital nutrients in them that are good for you. Make sure they are in bite sized format, and if need be, cut them up into a fruit salad. If you have just begun treatment and your gums and teeth are very sore, you can blend them into a smoothie and drink the fruits. Make sure to rinse your mouth afterwards!

Baked beans

Sometimes, when you first start to wear braces, tearing and chewing meat, particularly salted or otherwise preserved meat may be difficult. Eating dairy may be out of the question, and you may be a little bit pressed to get your protein. Beans are particularly high in protein, and are delicious. Baked beans also contain high levels of iron and protein and are soft and easy to digest, and if strained before boiling you can avoid the usual curse that is associated with eating them.

Ice cream

ice cream

A nice treat that will not harm you or your device is ice cream. Ice cream is delicious, first and foremost, but also contains dairy, which has calcium which is good for your teeth. The cold sensation may also be a welcome relief, especially during the beginning of treatment. Make sure you rinse your mouth out after eating ice cream though, to prevent buildup of biofilm and bacteria.

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