Everyday Life With Braces

When patients, especially adults, are thinking of getting orthodontic treatment to better their looks or their oral hygiene, many questions come up, and many times it is a simple one. A frequent question people ask is whether they will have to change their daily routines and habits, or what the experience will be like. Here is a rundown of some things that will change once you get braces and some things to expect. Of course everyone reacts differently to stimulus, and this includes reacting to orthodontics as well, but the following are the most common differences you’re likely to experience.


Many people want to know if they will drool more, and the answer is probably yes. Your gums and periodontum will be in a state of constant minor inflammation from the braces, and this will cause extra fluid to be generated. Generally it’s not so much that you turn into a monster, you will likely just swallow more frequently than normal.

Eating Foods

You may have to forego your favorite foods and change your diet to a greater or lesser degree. Gooey and sticky foods will be off limits, and you will have to limit your sugar intake as well to minimize bacterial growth. Nuts, fruit and other hard foods may not be worth the risk.


Oral Hygiene

If you have braces, you are automatically considered an at-risk individual for developing dental caries. This is because food can get caught in your braces and in the nooks and crannies caught in between the brackets of your brace. You will need to brush and rinse after every meal, and make more frequent hygiene session appointments as well.


Your treatment may involve a considerable amount of pains your teeth are pulled or pushed in a certain direction. This may be pain in the gums or a feeling of your teeth being pushed or pulled, but it may actually make you feel like you have a toothache. You may also feel like your jaw itself hurts, and you may even experience headaches. If you are feeling like it is too much, go and see your orthodontist, and see what they can do for you to help you out.

Speech Impediment

You may find that trying to pronounce certain words is just not gonna go as easy as it once did. The your mouth is more full now, and you may find that trying to pronounce certain words is going to be more difficult than anticipated. A little adjustment in how your mouth forms words and you will be back to speaking just like before.

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