Cunning Lingual Braces

An interesting article about lingual braces brings to light one of the newest innovations in orthodontic technology. The article, entitled “The Future Is Lingual”, speaks prominently about a variety of studies focused on, you guessed it, lingual braces! 

A new form of orthodontic treatment, lingual braces are quickly gaining ground amongst adult users, who want to straighten their teeth, but simply cannot afford the public scrutiny and humiliation that is associated with wearing traditional metal braces.

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Hailed by some dentists as the most important development in orthodontics in the 21st century, lingual brackets are braces placed on the backside of the teeth instead of on the front, thus becoming hidden from prying eyes. Although the most popular new orthodontic appliance for adults, most medical schools do not have a separate class about them, thus, according to the article, the medical professionals interested in applying these braces have to learn how to do it for themselves.
Aside from the obvious benefit of not having the braces on the outside of the teeth, there are many other benefits not visible to the naked eye. Traditional braces can sometimes cause what are known as white spot lesions once removed. White spot lesions (or WSP) are small white dots that remain on the enamel of the teeth forever. Despite being on the back of the teeth, and thus not being visible, the actual occurrence of these lesions is also much less, up to five times less, suggests one study. And when the spots did manifest, they were 10.6 times less extensive as on the outer surface of the teeth! These are some very convincing numbers, and are supported by more than one study in this article. 

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