Common Problems That Can Be Fixed By Orthodontics

Many people believe that orthodontic treatment is a purely aesthetic intervention, and that the benefits are simply a nice smile and an even set of teeth. While an even set of teeth are indeed one result of orthodontic treatment, it contributes to more than just a nice looking smile. An even set of teeth means that normal chewing and biting functions are restored, which may well mean that a number of related problems will be fixed. We have already written about these problems on this blog, so in this post I want to speak of some of the problems that you may not know are caused by your crooked teeth that can be solved with the help of orthodontic treatment.


One of the problems that is caused by an overbite, which is a very common form of maladjustment, is drooling. Usually patients only drool in their sleep, as they can suck back the accumulating saliva when awake, and this may only affect them when they are unconscious. By aligning the teeth and stopping the overbite, this problem will go away and never come back.

common problems



Many maladjustments cause the mouth to be open, perpetually or just some of the time, drying out the mucus membranes in the mouth and causing a condition known as xerostomia to rise, which means that the mouth will be dry all the time.This condition will not be treated by drinking more water, as exposure to oxygen from not shutting properly is what is causing the dryness to manifest. By adjusting the bite, you will find that you can shut your mouth when the face is in a resting position, there by eliminating xerostomia.

Even chewing patterns

If you have maladjusted teeth you may bite on only one side, or chew on only one side, or predominantly on one side, and you may experience TMJ syndrome as a result. The TMJ is the temporomandibular joint, the joint that connects your jawbone to your skull, acting a bridge between the mandible and the maxilla (the upper and lower jaw, respectively). It is used every time you open your mouth, and is used heavily in speech, gesticulation, and most often when eating food. The joint can become ruined as a result of over usage or of putting too much strain on it, but before it does go bad it can cause immense pain and suffering. Orthodontic treatment can help you even out your jawline and will help you with eating and chewing evenly.

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