Common Causes Of Malocclusions

There are two common ways in which your teeth can become misaligned. One is that there is a natural, genetic cause that will make your teeth crooked. If this is the case, there is not much you can do by way of prevention, the choice is simply whether or not to invest in braces. The second cause is due to of habits. I intend to speak a little on a few habits with orthodontic side effects.


Smoking, whether cigarettes, cigars, or pipes, can often lead to alveolar bone degeneration, deterioration of the bone in which teeth are anchored. Over time this can mean teeth drift out of their natural positions. And as smoking can also increase risk of periodontal disease, chances for misaligned teeth are higher than amongst non-smokers.


Pacifiers and Thumb sucking

Pacifiers and may also be to blame for crooked teeth. The prolonged use of pacifiers can slowly move teeth into an incorrect position, and in extreme cases may influence oral cavity growth. The ADA recommends discontinuing pacifier use by 4, though some dentists suggest 2 as the ideal age to end the habit. Children who suck their thumb may also be causing similar malocclusions, and should the habit continue after adult teeth begin to come in the problem can be lasting.


Grinding your teeth may cause your back teeth (the molars) to stick. This may also affect your bite or cause your teeth to become damaged. Bruxism in general is extremely bad for your teeth, thus it’s worth consulting a dentist even if there’s no orthodontic concern. Modern tooth guards can go a long way to preventing damage to your teeth, jaw, and jaw muscles, all for a relatively low cost.


Trauma cannot be considered a habit, as we tend to avoid repetition, but it is important to make sure a youthful jawbone trauma doesn’t turn into a problem requiring maxillofacial surgery later in life. Make sure to see a specialist for any facial injuries to avoid a jaw injury leading to more serious problems down the road.

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