Colourful Braces Are In Fashion

Since you’re going to wear braces for a half year or more, why not have some fun with them? Now you can- with coloured braces. In today’s fashion- conscious world, convey your inner-you by wearing colourful braces. You can still choose traditional ceramic braces if you wish to maintain a low profile. There are even almost invisible materials for braces.  Many patients, however, are opting to make a statement with braces that come in many cool colours. This is liberating since braces play such an important role in your physical appearance and self-confidence.  A great opportunity occurs about every 6-8 weeks when it’s time to adjust your braces. Then, the changing of elastic bands will give you the opportunity to change your colour scheme. That means that you can really get in the spirit of a special holiday and show it when you smile. Think red and green at Christmas or black and orange for Halloween!

Braces involve many parts including the brackets and the elastic and rubber bands that surround the brackets.

What Gives Braces Their Colours?

Braces involve many parts including the brackets and the elastic and rubber bands that surround the brackets. It’s the tiny elastics (bands) that allow you the freedom to choose coloured braces for your mouth. Your orthodontist will give you many choices from a colour wheel. But, as mentioned, you are not locked into your choice forever because you can switch colours every few months as part of your office visit.

What Colours To Choose Or Avoid?

There are some practical reasons, too, for choosing braces that are colourful- especially if you are a fan of colourful foods. Choosing the right colour braces means that people won’t have to know what you just ate because sauces and bits of food will be camouflaged by colourful braces. These are some reasons to choose a particular cool colour and avoid some others for your braces. Here is a short guide:

  • For darker skin tone, stick with gold, dark blue, violet, orange, green, or even pink
  • If you’ve a lighter skin tone, choose from bronze, light blue, darker purples or blues and subdued reds or pinks
  • Darker colours will make your teeth look whiter
  • Do choose colours that bring out your eyes
  • Fashion alert:  avoid the lighter colours. They make your teeth look yellow
  • Choose your school colours or those of your favourite team
  • How about the colours of your flag to show your patriotism?
  • Keep holiday colours in mind
  • Choose braces colours that go with the colour of your favourite clothes


Try to avoid:

  • Black. It looks like cavities or food stuck in your teeth
  • White: Stains more easily and as mentioned it will make teeth appear more yellow
  • Yellow. It will accentuate the problem above
  • Greens or Browns. Will also make it look like you’ve got food stuck in your teeth
  • Alert: If choosing your colour online, be aware that they appear lighter than in reality


The Choice Is Up To You

The Choice Is Up To You

So, what do you want to say with the colour of your braces? It might just depend on your mood when the time rolls around to make a choice.  Don’t be shy about choosing coloured braces in two cool colours for maximum impact. Let your orthodontist help. You won’t be sorry you went with colourful braces! 


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