Colored Braces Bands

Many people, especially folks in their teens, are worried about the effect that braces will have on their appearance. Already constantly worried about their appearance, it is well known that a mouth full of metal will not do a good turn for their self esteem. There are solutions to make the necessary a little bit more enjoyable, though.

Be Creative!

Whenever you find yourself stuck in a situation that you have to do, the question is always how do you make the most out of the situation that is already given? Braces are no different- you are stuck with them, you have to wear them, so why not have a little fun with your orthodontic appliance? Be creative! Try to get the most out of having to wear your braces.


Colored Braces Bands

One of the easiest things to do to spice up your braces is to add colored brackets and colored bands to them, to give them a little bit of magic, and drawing attention to your braces may give you a boost in confidence that you may not have anticipated. As I have already written about colorful brackets in a previous article, I would like to turn the readers attention to the possibilities provided by using colorful orthodontic elastics, as well.

Not all braces need elastics, but if you do have a pair of braces that require dental elastics, you may be in luck! Ask your orthodontist for a color wheel, every orthodontic office has one, so just pick a color that seems right for you, and then try it on! You can get brackets that match your elastics, or perhaps you can choose to have some that offset the brackets from the elastics, creating an interesting color scheme. You can get the elastics changed at your regular activation session, which should happen once every six weeks. You can even get themed elastics, like the colors of your nation’s flag, or your favorite football team, or the colors of your alma mater. The possibilities are endless, once you put your mind to it! 

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