Celebrity Braces

Apparently it is no longer embarrassing to wear braces! This recent development is a trend that has all of us very excited, as previously there have been problems with adults who have ruined their looks and have had to deal with completely avoidable dental problems because of a failure to put on braces in early childhood. Now, with health consciousness becoming more and more mainstream, the time has been ripe for some time to actually overhaul the image of orthodontics that most people have, as an ugly, unattractive and painful, sex appeal ruining device, and correct it with the truth of what braces are: a tool to improve your health and looks. As spending more time on your health and looks becomes acceptable, so the change in how we look at braces also comes with it. Nothing proves this more than the fact that celebrities around the world are proudly showing off their orthodontic devices, and we have compiled a few pictures to help illustrate this point.

Diva Dontics

Gwen Stefani and Katy Perry both had a fling with orthodontics, and both were more than willing to show off theirs in red carpet appearances. The internet’s favourite heartthrob, Emma Watson has also been very open about her use of orthodontics, and has had several photo shoots that show off her tooth gear.

Danny Glover

A prime example of some adult orthodontics, Danny Glover has made the responsible choice and has opted to correct some of his aesthetic discrepancies with the use of braces.

Tom Cruise

Owner of a smile that brought Hollywood to its knees in the 80s, the star has gotten some very fashionable tooth coloured ceramic braces to maintain and re-straighten that smile that ladies over the world melt over.

Nicholas Cage

National Treasure star and all around favourite had to have some orthodontic work done on his lower row, a common problem that is barely visible, but can seriously affect the health and longevity of your teeth.

Faith Hill

The iconic country music star has had to have braces again after not wearing her retainer. She has chosen to start orthodontic treatment again at the age of 45, and uses her new appearance to teach children the importance of wearing their retainers!


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