Benefits Of Orthodontry

Patients are frequently at a loss when they are told that they “need” orthodontic treatment. They have a nice enough smile, they can clean their teeth with ease, and they have no difficulty eating at all, so why is orthodontry needed? Is orthodontry ever truly “needed”?

Form and function

Orthodontic treatment seeks to manipulate the teeth into a position in which the form and function of the teeth are improved; you can do more, more easily. It is not so much that orthodontics are vital to the survival of a patient (although this, very rarely, is the case), it is just that braces can save a patient hundreds or possibly even thousands of pounds worth of dental treatments, as well as prevent problems in the future. Here are the areas in which orthodontic treatment might be considered a necessity:


Speech: Many speech impediments are caused by the tongue not going into the right places because a tooth is in the way. If teeth are barring the movement of the tongue, you can get slurred speech, or a problem with certain letters (like ‘r’ or‘s’). Orthodontics can set that straight by aligning your teeth and giving your tongue a chance to better aid you in pronunciation.
Facial form: The way your face appears depends on where your teeth are in your mouth. Having crowding will make parts of your lip or mouth protrude. Braces can make teeth even, and thus causing the face appear even.

The bite: An even bite is extremely important in the health of your jaw, teeth and mouth in general. If the bite is uneven, it can scratch the enamel on your teeth, damage your TMJ (the joint that lies in front of your ears, connecting the jaws), and cause undue wear on just one tooth, or on one side of your mouth. Evening the bite will make sure that your teeth remain healthier for longer.


Orthodontic treatment saves you money in the long run by improving on your teeth and making sure that they are healthier, decreasing the likelihood of future problems. Pain may also be reduced greatly, as you will experience fewer problems. Overall, orthodontic treatment can be seen as an investment- an investment in your teeth and in their future. By straightening them out they function better, leaving you to live a fuller life.

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