Advantages of Orthodontic Trainers

Not only will they correct tooth alignment, there is also an overall benefit to the mouth from training lip and tongue movement. This is because the orthodontic trainer, which is made of pliable plastic, has an inherent memory to subtly influence oral habits and, thus improve overall oral hygiene.

Orthodontic trainer
Orthodontic Trainers

Other Reasons for Orthodontic Trainers

In addition to helping to align emerging teeth, the orthodontic trainer plays other important roles in continuing good oral health.  Among them is assuring proper tongue position or “posture” because this is not something which can be consciously controlled. It only comes about from frequent subtle influence by the trainer.  The optimum place for the tongue is behind the upper teeth (on the soft palate). Otherwise, it can gradually push the lower teeth out of alignment and cause breathing problems-especially while sleeping.

Another reason why the pre-orthodontic trainer is so beneficial is that overactive lip muscles are trained to have proper form and movement. Using the trainer in childhood may obviate the need for surgery in adulthood to correct the condition as lips may not function properly when eating or smiling. The orthodontic trainer has a lip guard to hold lips in place which discourages excessive movement. 
The trainer will also aid in swallowing correctly which is vital for proper tooth alignment. Breathing properly-through the nose- is encouraged by the trainer. Not only does this lead to better sleeping habits as described above but it will lead to better facial development when breathing is done through the nose.

Children and orthodontic trainers
Children can start orthodontic treatment at the age of 6

The Orthodontic Trainer and Forest & Ray

We at FR believe that the orthodontic trainer is important for your child’s dental health. And while it is usually recommended for ages 6-11, our vast professional experience will allow us to properly evaluate exactly when is the best time for your child to wear orthodontic trainers. In our experience, they are an effective, low cost and easily implemented dental appliance. Using the orthodontic trainer is a good start to good dental and physical health and in achieving that all-important perfect smile!

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