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I have recently decided to go ahead with getting braces. I am 42 though, and have some doubts. Will it still work? Wil it take longer? Is it worth it to get braces at this point, or should I just wait till my teeth are gone and get dentures? What are the real reasons behind getting braces at such a late stage in life?



Dear Joe,

Adult orthodontics are always a good idea, and I would not call 42 years a late stage of life. Remember, our generation is projected to live longer than any other previous ones have, and keeping your own teeth in your mouth is a very important factor in health.


It is well worth getting braces at 42 if they can improve your appearance and your standard of living by helping you with speech impediments or with biting and chewing food, but you do touch upon a very important subject. That is none other than the fact that adult orthodontic treatment lasts longer than it would if it would have been started during the teenage years, as the bones are much more ossified and less flexible, and are thus harder to move teeth around in. But this merely means that the braces themselves will have to be worn a little bit longer, but the outcome of the treatment is just as successful, just as permanent, and just as life altering as when done during the early years.

Better late than never

Adult orthodontic treatment will improve your quality of life, regardless of how old you are. There are many different kinds to choose from; completely invisible lingual braces, transparent aligners, or fixed, tooth coloured aesthetic braces for those who wish to keep their orthodontic treatment aesthetic. Right now is probably the best chance you will have to live with orthodontic treatment, and the sooner you decide to do it, the better you will fare. From aesthetic corrections to less frequent cavities and toothaches, all the way to the end of jaw and back pain, getting orthodontic treatment as an adult is well worth it. Talk to your dentist and ask what can be done to correct your bite!  

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