A Nice Smile Is Worth It

We simply cannot stress enough the importance of a white smile. It is not just an aesthetic “thing”, there are deep seated psychological factors ta play. People prefer to be around, work with and enjoy the company of people who have what they consider to be a nice smile. This not only means that they take them into their confidence easier, but they actually like them more than people who do not have what they would consider to be a nice smile, and countless psychological tests and studies has allowed us to deduce this simple fact. The question is why?



Laughter allows all of your teeth and the lack thereof to become visible all at once. People feel that they get to see the “real you” when they see you laugh. If the laugh shows an attractive row of straight white teeth, and not a bunch of holes or gaps in the fence, they are much more likely to think that you are trustworthy, attractive, and in general positive. Many people feel embarrassed to laugh, and this holding back of an otherwise heartfelt response can make you appear priggish, or like you are hiding something, which may make people think that you are untrustworthy.

White teeth

People associate white teeth with well managed teeth. They associate it with cleanliness, with order, with hygiene and find it attractive. People with white teeth are looked upon more favourably because of this association, whether or not it is real.

How to get it

To get a radiant smile that you can feel good about and will not be afraid to show anyone can be a long journey, depending on what is wrong with your teeth. If your teeth are crooked, uneven and jangly, orthodontics are needed to rectify the situation. If your teeth are exceedingly yellow or greyish, you may need to get a whitening treatment I order to change the hue of your teeth. Sometimes, the shape of the teeth is a problem, or the colour just isn’t bright enough. In these cases dental veneers, thin porcelain layers can be helpful. Ask your dentist what s/he recommends, and see what options are available to brighten your smile.  

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