8th International Orthodontic Congress

Time’s up! All of the suggestions and recommendations and notices for stalls and vendors licenses for the 8th IOC (International Orthodontic Congress) are officially done. December 1 was the final deadline, and the date, time, and place of the 8th IOC is now set. The 8th IOC will be held in London, England, between the 27th and 30th of September 2015. The venue has been chosen, too, and is none other than the fabulous ExCeL London, one of the largest venues specifically geared for conventions and exhibitions.


For the World Federation of Orthodontists, or WFO, this is the holy grail of all events. Indeed, the WFO was founded at the first International Orthodontic Congress, and one of the reasons the congress was called was specifically to form such a governing body. Conversely, the WFO, of whom a piece was written in this column last week, has as one of its aims the holding of the IOC at least every five years. These facts should shed light on how intricately and irreversibly linked the lives of these two establishments are; one essentially exists to promote the other, and vice versa.


Orthodontists from all over the world come to the IOC to partake in lectures and see the newest technologies, to present new findings, new techniques, buy products, and start businesses. Many standardizations and questions of orthodoxy are discussed at these meetings, and many new innovations are introduced to the field through the IOC.

This Year

The 8th IOC is going to be very much like the previous ones, but will also have some new activities and enough changes to keep the event interesting. This year there will be a World Village Day, which will basically be a large scale fair with the different cultures and countries present at the ICO showcasing their orthodontics and their orthodontic specialists; most countries in the world will have a stall or two. As the next ICO is planned for 2015, there is still quite a lot of time to plan and decide what will happen, so specific events and other fine tunings are as of yet quite fluid.

We will make an effort to keep on top of things, and will be updating this website whenever news of the progress of the 8th ICO breaks. Until then, keep your eyes and ears peeled!

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