How To Pick the Perfect Orthodontist

Here are a few questions to ask your orthodontist to determine if they are right for you.

Ortho-myths debunked


Misconceptions about dentistry are very common, as teeth are one of the things people tend to worry about a lot. Anyone who has ever had a toothache knows this is one of the most harrowing experiences that can happen to a person. And when one wants to avoid such harrowing pain one might believe anything, thus are myths born.

A Great Overview Of Elastics In Orthodontry


Many people are confused about what the use of elastics is in orthodontry, what those little rubber bands do, why they are there, and most folks in their early teens are convinced it is done for the sole purpose of making their smile even uglier than it currently is with a bunch of metal attached to it.

In Orthodontics, Timing Is Everything


An orthodontist has finally revealed the definitive answer to the age old question which we receive most every day: When is the right time to get orthodontics?

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