Common Problems With Braces

Getting braces is an important step on the journey to a beautiful smile—but it’s not all a bed of roses. It can be difficult to adjust to the braces and continue to take care of one’s teeth. The good news is that many of these problems with braces are entirely avoidable.

Sensitive Teeth And Braces

Tooth sensitivity can be an enormous concern for anyone thinking about braces. Braces put pressure on the teeth and gums — which may add to any pain or existing sensitivity— but they have to in order to effectively shift the teeth and obtain a perfect smile.

Braces: Clearing Up The Confusion About Them

Maybe you’ve been contemplating getting braces but are hesitant because you’ve heard confusing things about them. To be sure, regarding braces, misinformation, myths, and misconceptions abound. Leave it to the dental professionals at Forest & Ray to sort out fact from fiction for you so you can attain that smile you’ve always wanted.

All You Need To Know About INVISALIGN® BRACES To Make An Informed Decision

Unlike with traditional braces that use a wire to push or pull teeth into the most optimal alignment, Invisalign® uses a series of plastic aligners to push the teeth into a better alignment. Thus, they are an ideal invisIble choice, especially for adults who’ve always wanted a winning smile.

How Much Do Braces Cost?

The cost of braces can vary greatly depending on the type of braces you choose. Patients’ options include: Metal Braces, Ceramic Braces, Lingual Braces, and Invisalign. And there are often subsets of choices within these main groups. To further confuse you, orthodontic treatment is highly personalized based on both the orthodontist and the patient. Your expenses will depend on your age and the type of braces you choose. So, what to do?

What should I do with stained braces?

Stained braces are a common problem for many orthodontic patients. It ruins the otherwise already devastated appearance of the individual, can be a harbour for bacteria that cause tooth decay, and can contribute to the malfunctioning of the actual braces themselves.

Eating With Lingual Braces Or Invisalign: Dos And Don’ts

Eating is tricky whether you are wearing lingual braces (incognito braces) or Invisalign. You will have more freedom of choice with Invisalign because you can remove them for eating. Simply put, lingual braces look just like traditional metal ones but are placed behind your teeth out of sight and you must avoid certain foods.

Before You Get Braces: What To Expect And How To Prepare

There are a few steps to be taken your braces are applied. Your Forest & Ray dentist or orthodontist will explain the state of your teeth and discuss other pertinent things which may include a financial plan for your treatment.

Fixed Metal Braces

Fixed Metal Braces - For many procedures, only fixed braces will do the trick, and metal ones are the cheapest of all.

10 Things To Know Before Getting Braces

If you are thinking of starting an orthodontic treatment, it is useful to know as much about braces as possible before getting them, as they will be on your teeth for quite some time. Here are 10 things that frequently confound patients, or that they wish they would have known before getting braces.

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