Yellow Teeth After Braces?

After many months of waiting, some orthodontic patients are incredibly disappointed to see that their teeth are a complete mess after the braces come off. Improper oral hygiene and a lack of dentist check-ups can lead to yellow teeth after braces, to white spot lesion, and even cavities on the tooth surfaces. Receiving orthodontic treatment puts you at risk of oral disease, as the teeth are harder to clean, and certain tooth surfaces remain hidden as there are brackets on top of them, leading to yellowness of the teeth after the braces come off. Damage can also be incurred from the appliance itself.

metal braces
Metal braces

How to keep your teeth clean during orthodontic treatment

In order to avoid yellow teeth after braces or any other kind of damages once the braces come off, you must go to your activation sessions, and you must go to your check-ups. The dentist will be able to see any systemic problems that can cause the dreaded yellowness or cavities during orthodontic treatment, and will be able to raise awareness about them before they cause dental problems.

The other important way to avoid white spot lesions after braces is to upgrade your at home oral hygiene regiment. Flossing will be extremely hard, but indispensable in your fight against tooth decay during braces. You must buy an inter-dental toothbrush to replace the dental floss. These special toothbrushes look like bottle brushes and can get in between the teeth and the wires and brackets, cleaning out food detritus. Removing plaque and food remains is a big step in making sure that your teeth are not yellow after braces. Smoking and eating red fruits and berries will stain your teeth, so avoid these.  

yellow teeth
Yellow teeth after braces

How to get rid of yellow teeth after braces

But if you already have some stains once the braces have come off and are wondering what can be done, there is no reason to worry. A hygiene session after orthodontic treatment is recommended regardless of whether or not your teeth are yellow after braces, and this will remove any stains and plaque on your teeth. You can also undergo a whitening session to fix the shade of your teeth, and you can even have a whitening session in the comfort of your own home, with at home whitening kits.       

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