Night-Time Braces: All You Need to Know

When we talk about night-time braces, we are essentially talking about adult braces. Typically, children’s braces are worn all the time. You know the appearance—a mouth full of metal worn for a protracted period of time. With the advent of temporary braces (aligners)  many more adults are wearing braces. 

Removable braces
Removable braces

The new orthodontic technology allows patients—young or adult—to wear the braces for only about 10 hours—the sleep time hours. However, be advised that one drawback to the night-time aligners is that, because you are wearing them for less than half the day, achieving the goal of straighter teeth and the perfect smile will take longer.

Regular Clear Aligners vs. Night-time Aligners

Regular Clear Aligners:

  • Worn for about 3-6 months for 22 hours a day
  • Must be removed for meals, drinks, and snacks

Night-time Aligners:

  • Worn for about 6-10 months
  • Only worn for about 10 hours perday
  • Since worn overnight, no interference with eating schedule

Pros and Cons of Night-time Clear Aligners

The greatest benefit of night-time clear aligners is that they need only be worn at night. This removes obstacles like the inconvenience of daytime wear, punctuated by having to remove trays in order to eat during the day.
Invisible aligner trays are virtually invisible, as the name implies, and it’s rare for others to notice that you’re wearing them. However, if you find that they make you self-conscious, night-time clear aligners could provide a more appealing solution.

There are, however, a couple of downsides. First and foremost, you won’t see the same speedy results you can expect with all-day wear. While seeing results in ten months is still better than up to two years wearing traditional orthodontic braces, it’s not nearly as good as seeing final results in as little as six months, like you will with typical invisible aligners worn all day.
In addition, night-time clear aligners are really only viable for patients with mild misalignment, which could mean many patients are out of luck. The good news is that typical invisible aligner trays for all-day wear are still available for those who have moderate misalignment or who want to complete their treatment more quickly.

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The expert orthodontists at Forest & Ray can provide for all your braces needs--full-time, day-time, or night-time braces-- at our convenient, centre-city London location. When deciding, we think it’s worth mentioning that only wearing clear aligners at night carries a greater risk of orthodontic relapse than wearing them all day. This is because the aligners only work at night and when you take them out in the morning your teeth have all day to slowly drift back towards their original positions. That’s another reason why night-time aligners can take longer than the regular all-day version; they have to make up some lost ground every night when you put them in.

Whichever way you choose to go, going with Forest & Ray is always the sound choice. Contact us today!

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