Incognito™ Braces

Incognito™ braces are a kind of lingual aesthetic brace, usually used in adult orthodontics. These kinds of braces are significantly more expensive than their regular counterparts, and there are numerous reasons why. In this article we will be explaining how these braces work, and what drives the prices to be higher than for a regular fixed orthodontic appliance. In doing so we hope to further educate would be patients about the options they have for orthodontic treatment.

Lingual braces

As stated previously, Incognito™ is a brand of lingual braces. But what are lingual braces? Lingual braces are different from regular ones in that they attach to the lingual side of the teeth, that is, the side facing the tongue. This is the opposite of where traditional braces go on, so on the “back side” of the teeth. This is done because it makes the braces completely invisible, and is just as effective as regular braces. It is so effective that it can handle all of the cases that traditional braces can, even ones that can only be done with fixed braces, as these are fixed braces. So if you have a more serious case, but need aesthetic brackets, thinking of getting lingual braces is a good idea, as aligners and removable braces may not be able to fix your problem, but these most certainly can.

lingual brace
A lingual brace study model

Explaining the price

Now onto what drives prices up with Incognito™ braces. First of all, using lingual braces is going to be more expensive, as the techniques and tools used to make lingual braces are highly specialised, and thus it is a more difficult form of treatment. Second of all, the brackets are made out of a special gold alloy. This is done because the gold makes the brackets softer and more malleable, and thus it can assume the shape of the back side of the teeth with ease. These special materials and the extra skill are what makes these braces more expensive, but well worth it. It is the absolute aesthetic brace in that it simply cannot be seen, even when up close and personal, but it has all of the benefits of traditional braces. They are also somewhat more hygienic, as food detritus is less likely to get caught in them, as the side of the teeth you do the chomping with are free and clear. Ask your dentist about Incognito™, and see if lingual braces are right for you.    

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